Zarrin Khorassan Tiles

Zarrin Khorassan Tiles

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buy gabapentin illegally Zarrin Tiles Factory of Khorasan was established in 1995 on a land of 18 hectares located in the city of Torbat Heydarieh in Khorasan Razavi province, with a daily production of 5000 square meters of wall tiles. Production as per the world standards on the one hand, and desired and extensive application of markets for export led to the implementation of development projects in the years 2000 and 2013 and at present, with a daily production of 15,000 square meters of wall tile in all sizes, it has been completely recaptured and using digital print technology is converted to one of the best and highest quality wall tile manufacturers in the world It has been the focus of the expertise and technology of the day, and the use of a skilled and experienced technical team along with a variety of design, size and strategic location have been the reasons for the success and development of the company.

Zarrin Tiles Factory of Khorasan as one of the oldest manufacturers of tile industry in the country, has implemented the Integrated Management System (IMS), based on the requirements of the International Standard 2007: ISO9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001, in the organization, in order to get a good position in the tile industry and achieve the goals of the organization’s vision and fulfill the mission of the company through value creation and profit for the stakeholders of the organization, regulatory requirements and relevant national standards for continuous improvement and corporate strategies.

The following six principles are the focus of the activities of the company:

* Improving the quality and variety of products

* Increased customer and stakeholders satisfaction both within and outside the company

* Reducing environmental impacts and preventing environmental pollution

* Reducing safety hazards and promoting occupational health

* Increasing productivity and optimize energy consumption in the production process

* Increasing exports and expanding international markets

The management and staff of Zarrin Tile Company believe that the best and most effective implementation of the integrated system and the achievement of organizational goals will be achieved only with the will, empathy and participation of all personnel, and therefore they are committed and obliged to understand, deploy and maintain the system.



Zarrin Tiles Factory of Khorasan was established in 2014 under registration number 10089.

Service Scope:

Establishment of a ceramic tile and similar goods manufacturing plant, importing machinery and accessories of raw materials from abroad or supplying it inside and selling products of the company both inside and outside the country, and doing all that directly or indirectly with the subject of the company

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