Talashgaran Fajr Sangan

Talashgaran Fajr Sangan

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buy prednisone for cats Taking benefit of numerous scientific and managerial experiences and highly qualified personnel as well as the world’s latest knowledge and the use of heavy and semi-heavy machineries and advanced modern brands with the advanced countries of the world, Talashgaran Fajr Sangan Machineries Company has been able to successfully perform a wide range of projects.

Projects including:

* Iron ore extraction operations in Sangan – Khaf iron ore mines, handling transportation and delivery of types of pellet and iron ore …


The group also has established more than 500 direct employment opportunities and 1,000 indirect job opportunities in total, providing 1,500 job opportunities for the deprived youth in the Khaf district.

Activity Scope:

* Handling exploration, extraction and operation, export and import, and the purchase and sale of all authorized trade goods especially all mineral products, especially decorative stones and iron ore.

* Handling the construction and commissioning of industrial plants and manufacturing and processing of minerals.

* Handling the provision and production of authorized machineries and equipments for the company’s activities, the establishment of soil and minerals laboratory, the establishment of a service center for exploration and exploitation studies

* Purchasing and delivering of heavy and ultra heavy machineries from abroad and importing and selling them in cash and installments with the necessary guarantees

* Providing sufficient preparation for the implementation of construction projects, especially road construction, material delivery and etc.





Talashgaran Fajr Sangan Machineries Company has started its activities in the field of extraction and processing of iron ore in 2010 in the Sangan Khaf area as one of the country's mineral areas.

Service Scope:

Although the extraction and processing cycle at these areas is one of the challenges facing the placer miners of the region, and the special features of placer mining have been considered as a high risk factor for investment in the mentioned area, but the managers of the complex with the trust of the Almighty and toward sustainable employment for youth in line with the development and growth of the economy of the region and the country started the investment and, fortunately, with the perseverance and strength of the forces capable of collecting, thinking and wisdom of a group of directors, in particular, Mr. Taherali Hassanzadeh, the Chair of the Board of the Company, Talashgaran Fajr Sangan Machineries Company acted toward the Economic progress in pursuit of the economic goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the reduction of dependence on oil exports. Regarding the necessity of performing civil engineering activities under the name of Talashgaran Fajr Sangan Machineries Company, it was registered under number 487 in 2013, which performs mining and construction supplementary activities under this heading.

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