Shakhak Gas

Shakhak Gas Gas, oil & water Contrating

buy Lyrica online uk as well as the construction and installation of various metal structures and offshore works of oil and gas industries, and a variety of electrical and electronic equipment and systems and intelligent systems, for factories, airports, ports, police and fire stations, power plants, railways and urban train, radio and television and cinema, educational and health centers and sports exhibitions, banks, military centers and the like, and marine products of the oil and gas industry, and any related construction or related work, or related to the above-mentioned activities; handling safety, protection and fire protection systems, coloring, protection, corrosion protection of industrial insulation: exploration, exploitation and operation of mines and production of steel products, installation, maintenance, repair and technical inspection of equipment and machinery required by the company, handling purchasing and provision of various types of machinery, equipment and installations and the materials needed to carry out the subject of the company’s activity, partnership with natural and legal persons and domestic and foreign credit institutions and banks in other companies and mineral and industrial projects, concluding contracts for the provision of technical and engineering services and exploiting mines and processing them, and undertaking all commercial affairs, such as dealing, exporting and importing all operational affairs that are necessary indirectly or directly to implement the company’s subject; handling the provision of financial and service facilities from banks and non-bank credit institutions, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, as well as performing all activities after obtaining the necessary permissions.

Shakhak Gas Company with the rating of facilities, equipment and oil and gas in the provinces of Yazd, Kerman, Esfahan and Kermanshah has been acting in the field of gas projects of the National Iranian Gas Company until 2012, which in 2015, it has become one of the subsets of Fajr Companies Group with changes in the members of the board of directors and shareholders. Regarding the high financial and automotive capabilities of the Fajr Companies Group, and employing efficient personnel and actively participating in tenders and projects for implementation of projects, the company has taken effective steps in oil and gas industries.

Using young and talented workforces alongside experienced and professional staff and using the latest industrial and managerial achievements, the company has become one of the contractors and in the gas industry, and in this regard, in October 2015, a contract was concluded with the gas company of Razavi Khorasan province for gas supply to the villages of Phase 2 of Soltan Abad, Sabzevar, that the project was completed. Using its successful experiences, the company has continued its activities in October of 2016 upon concluding a contract with Mazandaran Gas Company. Currently, the company is participating in eleven large tenders in Mazandaran, Gilan, Golestan, Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan and South Khorasan. The Company has Grade 4 in oil and gas and grade 3 in facilities and mechanical equipments.

Row Type of Machinery Number of Machinery
1. Mechanical excavator 800 Komatsu 4
2. Mechanical excavator 450 PC Komatsu 3
3. Chain excavator 220 Hyundai 1
4. Hepco roller 2
5. Hammer 7 tons 1
6. Asphalt finisher 1
7. Compressor 375P Ingersoll-Rand 1
8. Sheep foot roller 1
9. Grader 705 1
10. Hepco grader 180 gd 1
11. Bulldozer 155 Komatsu 2
12. Bulldozer D85 Komatsu 1
13. Loader 600 Komatsu 1
14. Benz truck 45
15. Hilux Toyota 3
16. Loader 420 Komatsu 1
17. Bulldozer 155 Komatsu 5
18. Mechanical excavator 450 Komatsu 1
19. Chain excavator 220 Hyundai 11
20. Chain excavator 220 HEPCO 1
21. Loader ZL50 1
22. Passenger car 26
23. Dongfeng 4





Shakhak Gas Company was established in 1987 under registration number 11504.

Service Scope:

Handling affairs related to installations and equipments including contracting in the fields of water, oil and gas pipelines, gas supply networks and mechanical installations, refrigeration and heat, urban facilities and constructional facilities and equipments, and equipment and installations of industrial units and factories, refinery units, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, exploration and mining units and the equipment and installations of gas and oil pump and compressor stations, and other special activities of the oil and gas industry (including gas injection into oil wells and equipment and installations of various types of power plants, including water, wind, fossil, atomic, etc., such as equipment and hydromechanical installations of dams) transmission lines, distribution networks and power stations, including high, medium or low pressure, various transmission and plumbing lines for petroleum, gas, water and wastewater and the construction or installation of silos and reservoirs conventional or pressurized metal, or the construction of a warehouse for the storage of petroleum and combustible materials, water and the like

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