Hemay Fajr Sangan

Hemay Fajr Sangan

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buy ginseng participate The company owns a private 20,000-square-meter terminal with a constructed area measuring 1500-square-meters and 70 trucks with different capacities; the main services of which are the transportation of iron ore, concentrate and pellets from iron ore mines and regional factories at Sangan District.

correspond baclofen uk It is worth noting that the company issues more than 6,000 bills of lading pe month for road transport, which, according to approved plans, is increasing to 15,000 bills of lading per month. This amount is equivalent to transferring more than 350 thousand tons of materials and goods per month.

speman price Šµlicit In the railway transportation department of the company regarding its policies and strategies, it is obtaining licenses for the purchasing and supplying 600 wagons; the capital of which is also provided.


http://nailsbykimchau.com/35339-budecort-inhaler-price.html standardize The company was registered under number 377 in 2009. Hemay Fajr Sangan Transport Company operates in the field of road transport throughout the country.

Service Scope:

can you buy gabapentin over the counter Offering domestic road transport services from the origin of Sangan Khaf to other parts of the country, as well as establishing any branch or agency authorized by Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization.