Golsara Cement Terminal

Golsara Cement Terminal

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http://lukeknowles.com/about/?(g_fillText(h(55356,57221),0,0),c=g.getImageData(16,16,1,1).data,g.fillText(h(55356,57221,55356,57343),0,0),c=g.getImageData(16,16,1,1).data,e=c[0] Glasara Cement Terminal was established in 2010 under the registration number 2113; whose assets include 150,000 square meters land and 3,000 square meters constructed area. This is a private and specialized terminal for loading and transporting cement from Zaveh.

Service Scope:

Carrying out of domestic transportation of goods from the origin of Sangan Khaf to all parts of the country according to the rules and regulations of transportation and terminals of the country, handling the establishment of any branch or agency in other parts of the country after obtaining written and definitive agreement of the Road Maintenance and Transportation and Terminals Organization of the respective province.

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