Amir Sangan Parsian

Amir Sangan Parsian

Mines Group

where to buy Neurontin Introduction:

can you buy prednisone in spain Amir Sangan Parsian Mines Group was established in 2006 in line with the economic policies of the country. The company offers services for mineral exploration, extraction and processing. Taking benefit of its own specialist forces and mineral equipments, the group is able to produce one and a half million tons of iron ore in line with international standards and it may be one of the largest producers and exporters of iron ore companies in the private sector of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The mine is available to the company with a mineral deposit of more than 140 million tons of iron ore, being the highest quality Iranian iron ore brand in the global markets. It is to be noted that the company was recognized as the largest iron ore exporter in the private sector in 2012 and it was appreciated for that.

Service Scope:

Performing all mineral activities such as exploration, extraction, operation, exporting and importing, as well as purchasing and selling all authorized commercial goods, especially all mineral products, in particular decorative and gem stones and iron ore, handling the construction and commissioning of industrial and manufacturing plants and minerals processing plans, providing and supplying authorized machinery and equipments for the activity of the company, having participation in all public and private tenders and bids, receiving loans and bank facilities in domestic and foreign currencies from all domestic banks and credit institutes.

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