additional info Fajr Group companies are involved with the wide range of plans in the following activities:

Engineering, equipment supply and construction and operation of industrial plants in the fields of industry

* Mineral and steel

* Oil and Gas

* Pharmaceutical

* Mineral – Chemical

* Ceramic – Tile

*Civil Projects (Road construction, bridge construction, tunneling, Construction and …. )

*Engineering, equipment supply, construction and operation of railways Exploration, extraction and export of mineral products

*Export and import of raw materials and products of industries and mines

Engineering and supplying equipments and the construction and operation of infrastructural installations:

* Gas Supply

* Water Supply

* Power Supply

* Wastewater treatment plant

* Water treatment plant

*Supplying and manufacturing of mining, industrial and construction machineries

*Installation and Maintenance Services of mining, industrial and railway equipments

*Domestic and international transport of goods (railway and road) Performing transportation of certain goods (heavy, extra heavy and special goods, …)

*Production, packaging and export of agricultural products such as saffron, pistachios and …

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